Funding Methods

You can fund your NoaPrime trading account with these methods:

  • Wire transfers through your local bank
  • Visa and Master Credit/Debit Cards

The following information below are about the costs and various payment details applicable to your preferred payment channel.

Wire Transfers

Beneficiary Details
Beneficiary Account Name NOAPRIME
Beneficiary Address Mappin House, Oxford Circus, London W1W 8HF, United Kingdom
IBAN GB63MIDL40051568068598

Where IBAN is not allowed, please input Account Number and Sort Code as below

Account Number: 68068598

Sort Code: 400515

Bank Details
Bank Name HSBC UK
Bank Address 31 Holborn, London, United Kingdom, EC1N 2HR

For Bank Transfer, transaction charges (which are charged by your banks) must be borne by the client and the amount received will be deposited in the client's MT4 account as received. For example, if you are sending an amount for funding, say $ 10,000, the bank may apply charges of say $200, for example, and NoaPrime will receive $9,800, which we will fund your MT4 account.

If you would like to fund an exact amount to your MT4 account, make sure to add the additional transaction charges as well so that you can fund the amount intended in full. In the above mentioned case, you may fund $10,200, which will ensure we can fund the full $10,000 to your trading account as received.

Ask your bank as to what the charges will be for the wire transfer as this may differ from bank to bank or you can choose to simply bear all the charges as part of your wire transfer instructions.

Please make note that when you have wired your funds to us through any of the above methods, do send us the transaction copy or the deposit slip copy of the sent funds to for smooth and hassle-free processing.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit/Debit Cards depending on origin and amount charges varying fees while using their services.

Transfer Amount Transaction Processing Fee
500 - 80,000 USD 2.95%

NoaPrime offers credit card transfers at minimum limit of 500 USD to maximum limit of 80,000 USD.

Please note that the transaction charge of 2.95% will be borne by the client.

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