How To Transfer Funds From Your Landing Account To Your MT4 Account

You need to be logged in to your NoaPrime Dashboard in order to transfer funds within your accounts. You will be able to login to your NoaPrime Dashboard with the credentials provided to you via email. Please skip this step in case you have logged in to your NoaPrime Dashboard already.

You can start transferring funds to your account by following the steps below:

Step 1:

Go to the Transfers section in your NoaPrime Dashboard.


Step 2:

Kindly click on the Internal Transfer section which you can find on the right-hand side. You will have two options. The 'From' account will have a dropdown menu from where you pick your landing account number as that is the place where your amount is located. To transfer the amount to your Trading account, select the 'To' account which also has a dropdown option and pick your trading account number.


Step 3:

In the Amount field, enter the amount to be transferred to the trading account in the corresponding currency (USD/EUR/GBP).


Step 4:

In the Notes field, you can add information pertaining to the funds transferred. Once entering all the details correctly, click on submit button and your funds will be successfully transferred to your trading account.



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